Need a Full-Feature Backup Solution for Smartsheet?

We have the best backup, archive and export solution for Smartsheet users.

The Backup feature creates full-feature backup copies of your recently changed sheets. The Archive feature moves older backup copies to a local archive while the Export feature creates copies of your sheets outside of Smartsheet, together with attachments.

SmartBackup for Smartsheet

What's New?


Export All sheets, Export only recently changed sheets, Export specific sheets, or Export only the folder structure.


New "Member" Mode. Automatically identify all users, auto-provision vaults, then Backup and Export All, recently changed, or specific sheets for all users automatically!


Enhanced licensing model provides more options, and includes Business Personal or Team options, and Enterprise Workgroup, Division, or Company options.

Key Features

Multi-Tenant Solution

  • Can take backups of all, groups-of or any Smartsheet User. Enterprise Edition can be configured for centralized operation.

Preserves all Sheet Formatting

  • A feature not available from standard Smartsheet backups. Formulas, Automations*, Conditional Formatting, Custom Formatting.

DRP Features

  • All sheets in the organization can be exported. Maintains the original folder tree hierarchy. Packing sheets help with restore.

Incremental or Full Backups

  • You have the option to only backup sheets that have recently changed, instead of making unnecessary copies.

Backup, Archive, and Export

  • All three capabilities are built into the solution. The backup feature includes backups of Attachments, Automations, & Forms.

Project & Event Milestones

  • Ideal for individuals or teams wanting to snapshot data after certain events or milestones.

For Installation documentation and User Guides please visit our documentation pages.

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The Starter Edition includes most key features of the Business Edition, but is limited to backing-up a maximum of 3 sheets and up to 3 attachments per sheet. The Archive function is disabled and the Export function is limited.

This edition is intended to be used to evaluate the features of the solution.

* Requires Microsoft Windows




Business Meeting



Edition - Personal

Business Edition - Personal version is the full-featured product, and can be used by a single user to backup up to 2,500 sheets and up to 10 attachments per sheet. The Annual Subscription includes access to all product updates for the year.

After you place your order you will receive a confirmation email and a link to download the setup file.

* Requires Microsoft Windows




Modern Building




The Enterprise Edition is designed for Company-wide deployments.


It includes all of the Business Edition features and it provides additional value to the IT Organization in terms of central deployment, unlimited sheets, Member mode, etc.

Available in 3 tiers: Workgroup, Division, and Company

* Requires Microsoft Windows




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Feature Comparison

** Note: Maximum number of tenants for Business Edition - Personal version is 1 and one instance. Business Edition - Team version allows for one instance to run backups, archives, and exports for up to 5 licensed users. Contact us for details about Business Edition - Team version.

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