About Us

At AcuWorkflow, our purpose is to help companies be more successful by creating applications and solutions that improve efficiency, empower the business, and lead to improved results. We provide applications, guidance, services and tools to help your teams and your business succeed. Our flagship product is SmartBackup for Smartsheet. It includes backup, archive and export functionality, with a modern user interface.

Business Discussion


Deon Pollard - CTO

Deon has been in the technology industry for over 35 years and has designed and built solutions for major Enterprise and Multi-National customers around the world. With AcuWorkflow, Deon is responsible for overall strategy and development of applications, data integration tools, and utilities offered by AcuWorkflow.

Bee Ng – CFO and Administration

Bee has been in the finance and banking industry for many years and is the CFO and Finance lead at AcuWorkflow. She is responsible for all finance and budgetary functions, in addition to overseeing day to day operations and business administration.



Larry Grote – Sales Lead

Larry is an entrepreneur who has established and run successful businesses in Southern California and across the US for the past 25 years. With AcuWorkflow, Larry is focused on overall sales and marketing strategy and manages all customer sales engagements.

George Lee - Services Lead

George is an accomplished IT professional with over 30 years in technology. A utility player driving channel development at leading manufacturers with extensive experience as both an integrator and end-user.

At AcuWorkflow George is the Lead Services Consultant and responsible for the Services Business.




Our background and experience spans over 35 years in information technology services, solutions, and products, over several industries and across multiple countries in the world.


This experience has resulted in a wealth of best practices, and a deep understanding of business, process, creating solutions and the ability to see the big picture, and our goal is to be able to make this knowledge available to you.