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Got Smartsheet Backups?

Calling all Smartsheet Licensed Users! Like the "Got Milk?" ads, we'd like to ask you "Got Backups?"

Do you ever think about what would happen if someone deleted rows in one of your sheets by mistake?

- Did you know that there is no way to recover those rows without a backup solution?

Do you ever have users delete or change data and formulas in your sheets by accident?

- Did you know that there is no easy way to get those formulas back?

One of the great features of Smartsheet is to attach documents and images to rows in your sheets, but do you ever think about what would happen if any of those attachments were deleted by mistake?

- There is no way to restore those attachments….

Until now!!

Introducing AcuWorkflow SmartBackup for Smartsheet!

Our solution provides answers to all the above scenarios, and more! It includes a backup function, an archive function, and an export function, and provides full-fidelity backups of your Smartsheet sheets. This means that you can easily restore rows, data, and sheets including Conditional Formatting, Formulas, Cell Links, Forms, Automation, and Attachments!

SmartBackup from AcuWorkflow is the first purpose-built backup application for Smartsheet and leverages all the capabilities of the Smartsheet API.

Download a copy today at

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