SmartBackup Business Edition Trial

Thank you for your interest in SmartBackup Business Edition.

This page provides access to the current version of the Business Edition for limited-time trial purposes only.


Note that the features of the Business Edition will need to be enabled before you will have access to them during the trial. If you install the solution and you don't have access to all the features, please contact us to make sure the trial license is enabled.

Please download the current version [R3.3.6] by clicking the Download Trial button:

Once downloaded to your computer, locate the zip file, then right-click the filename and choose “Extract All…” to extract the SmartBackupSetup.exe setup file and double-click that file to start the installation process.

When you get to the "Select Components" screen, be sure that "New Installation" is selected at the top, and that the "Data" checkbox and sub-boxes are checked.

Once the installation has completed successfully, you can run the application. Once the Console appears, you will be able to see the various views, including the Backup, Archive, and Export screens.


Before you run any of the operations, you will need to generate a Smartsheet API Token, and then update the "Tenant" file. This will enable SmartBackup to create backups of the Smartsheet sheets that you are the owner of. Review the Setup Guide for more details.

Additional information about how to install, configure and manage SmartBackup can be found in the documentation site on GitHub.

If you encounter any issues with the solution, please contact us using the Support Request Form below.


Installation instructions, setup, and usage details are provided on the documentation pages: 

Installation Guide

Setup Guide


Detailed documentation and usage details are provided on the GitHub page. However if you need additional support, please submit a request using the Support Request Form.


Limited email-based support is available on a best effort basis. To submit a support request, please open and submit the following form: