SmartBackup Business Edition Version Update

Thank you for purchasing a subscription for SmartBackup Business Edition.

This page provides information about the latest update to the software, and instructions on how to download and install the new version. This will give you access to the latest features and will ensure that you have the latest bug fixes installed.

Please download the new version [R3.3.5] by clicking the Download Update File button:

Once downloaded to your computer, locate the zip file, then right-click the filename and choose “Extract All…” to extract the SmartBackupSetup.exe setup file and double-click that file to start the installation process.

When you get to the "Select Components" screen, be sure to select the "Upgrade Installation" option.  This will ensure that your configuration data including your Tenant file data is preserved, and only the individual applications are updated.

Once the installation has completed successfully, you can continue to run your Backup, Archive, and Export functions as normal, and you do not need to update any Task Scheduler settings that you may have configured.


Additional information about new features, fixes, and updates that are included in this update can be found in the documentation site on GitHub.

If you encounter any issues with the update, please contact us using the Support request Form below.


Installation instructions and usage details are provided on the documentation pages here: SmartBackup Documentation


Detailed documentation and usage details are provided on the GitHub page. However if you need additional support, please submit a request using the Support Request Form.


Limited email-based support is available on a best effort basis. To submit a support request, please open and submit the following form: